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About us

ZAMine Services LLC is the joint venture company of Marubeni Corporation and Tavan Bogd Group, established in March 2010 as the official distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery in Mongolia. Since 1995 Tavan Bogd Group is one of the leading corporations in Mongolia and now has 12 subsidiary companies in foreign and domestic trade, service, tourism, and hospitality, manufacturing and real estate industries. Marubeni Corporation on the other hand, is one of the worlds well known top corporations, affiliated with general trading, financing, and investment. In 1994, Marubeni Corporation began the affiliation with Hitachi and has successfully launched Hitachi in a number of worldwide markets.

Hitachi Construction Machinery is well known in the global market for its Japanese quality and liability. Hitachi products range from Excavators, which has leading market share, to Dump trucks and the biggest excavator in the global market for supply.

We are pleased to offer our equipment, outstanding after sales service that is led by experienced and skilled foreign and domestic experts. The fact that Hitachi Construction Machinery has already provided professional training for our technicians, mechanics and operators goes to show our determination and dedication to the best service and ongoing contribution to the mining sector of Mongolia.


  Corporate Citizen

  • Employee’s fulfill their commitment to the organization.
  • Employee’s cooperate mutually beneficial.
  • Employee’s develops themselves continuously.
  • Employee shall be against discrimination.
  • Employee’s shall always develop through innovation.
  • Leadership
    • Employee is determined to achieve results.
    • Employee’s goal is very clear.
    • Employee integrity centered.
    • Employee motivates others.
    • Employee looks everything from new angle.
  • Professional Creativity
    • Employee cooperates with team.
    • Employee treasures
    • Employee open to others, actively communicate.
    • Employee desired to win.
    • Employee recognizes personal responsibility, keeps promise.
  • Integrity
    • Employee enforces law.
    • Employee hones and fair to society, have a heart to others.
    • Employee adhere to business ethics.


Six key words for the development and cultivation

  • Knowledge of the products extensively and in-depth
  • Adaptability
  • Professionalism
  • Sincere relationship
  • Insight for the future
  • Initiatives


Having world-class quality of service, ZAMine Services LLC provides learning environment for the employee development and creates the spirit of working together towards the customer satisfaction.



Unstoppable effort, Extreme support!

Greeting from CEO

Dear Colleagues and Customers

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to our customers who have been applying our product and service to your service.

Since our establishment in2010 ZAMine Services LLC has been striving for excellence to introduce and develop world-top class technology to aim new to contribute success of customers and to ensure quality of service. So far we have been expanding scope of our work to supply Hitachi equipment to Mongolian market and provide after sales services. Based on our unique technological efficiency and continuous service effort we introduced and developed Hitachi Construction Machinery into the market successfully.

Business has no limit and speed of technological change is being accelerated faster than ever before at present so that only business with best technology would be viable in the market. Our goal for customers is to provide best possible support in order to build bright and reliable future for your business.

Hiroaki Takizawa.


  • ZAMine Services LLC established in March 2010

    ZAMine Services LLC is the joint venture company of Marubeni Corporation and Tavan Bogd Group, established in March 2010 as the official distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery in Mongolia

  • Best Supplier of the Year in 2012

    ZAMine Services LLC was nominated and selected as “Best Supplier of the Year” in December 2012

  • Top 150 Enterprises in 2014

    ZAMine Services LLC was selected as "Best Taxpayer" of 2014 upon it met with criterion on "Best Taxpayer larger enterprises" category nominated by National Tax Authority for adhesion of tax legislation of Mongolia in fair manner and significant contribution into state and local budget.