Human resource policy

Business card of ZAMine LLC and history of achievement are our STAFF. Therefore we aims to implement flexible and optimum Human resource policy in order to create opportunity to work in stable manner as well as to strengthen leading position on capacity of Human resource in the field by making skillful staff as secret of our success skilled and to train them and to provide competitive wages and compensation as well as to solve their social matters.

Our priority is to create skilled colleague and to introduce quality products and services in the mining field considered main driver of Mongolia as well as to become organization that contributes our contribution into social welfare and implements social responsibility.

Our company provides stable workplace, convenient work environment and opportunity for growing to skilled and experienced personnel that able to improve their skills continuously and to be assessed fairly and work effectively and learn company management and culture as well as our company is always open to youth, students and skilled professionals considered future generation of Mongolia.

We aims to plan human resource required to fulfill mission and strategic goal of ZAMine Services company and implement business activities as well as to select candidate meets with workplace requirement and create human resources at basic and temporary workplace and to improve our employees’ skill and knowledge systematically and to ensure all relations and conditions related to labor relations and legislation and to increase company efficiency.


ZAMine Services LLC adheres to fair, transparent and open policy to select employee.

Recruitment principle

  • Open and transparent
  • Fair and competitive
  • No discrimination
  • From all sources
  • Real opportunity to express herself/himself

Documents to be collected :

  • Family biography
  • 2 copies of photo
  • Copy of ID card
  • Copy of diploma and certificate
  • Reference from previous employer and school graduated
  • Other documents (if required), detailed information

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ZAMine Services LLC aims to provide professional assistance for students to become further skilled expert

  • Occupation and workplace required by company
  • Whether student is able to work more effective and productive for his/her occupation studied in the further


  • Business administration ( Human resource, marketing, finance and economy, accounting, International trade)
  • Applicant should be student studies for 3,4th course at state university or institute and larger private university or institute.
  • Average score of student’s assessment should be more than 3.0 or 85%

Apprenticeship period:

  • It is expected to enable student to practice within potential apprenticeship period for company and as for students practice in the industry, this period will be mostly in the summer time or by 5,6,7 and 8 month.
  • As for students practice in business administration it is possible to make request within period scheduled by school and have it settled.
  • Apprenticeship period shall be determined by Admin and Human Resource department

Documents to be collected

  • School reference
  • Application of Applicant
  • Practical travel page
  • Practical guideline
  • Practical plan
  • Decision made by school on appointment of practical instructor

Available jobs

Нээлттэй ажлын байр Нээгдсэн огноо Хаагдах огноо
Механик инженер 2018-07-30 2018-08-31 Download MN Download ENG

- Тоног төхөөрөмжийн эвдрэл гэмтлийг оношлох, засварлах
- Ажил үүргийн тодорхойлолтын дагуу ажил үүргийг гүйцэтгэнэ.


 Механик инженерээр их дээд сургууль төгссөн
* Тухайн чиглэлээр 3-аас дээш жил хүнд машин механизм засаж байсан туршлагатай
* Хариуцлагатай, техник сэтгэлгээтэй 
* Багаар ажиллах чадвартай 
* Харилцааны соёлтой 
* Орон нутагт ажиллах боломжтой


Salary : Тохиролцоно

Type : Ээлжийн

Level : Мэргэжилтэн

Expired date : 2018-08-31

Сэлбэг хариуцсан ажилтан 2018-07-30 2018-07-31 Download MN Download ENG

АБТ-нд заасан ажил үүргийг гүйцэтгэнэ.


Англи хэлний дунд, түүнээс дээш түвшний мэдлэгтэй
• Уул уурхайн машин механизм, тоног төхөөрөмжийн сэлбэгийн худалдаа, хангамжийн чиглэлээр 1-ээс дээш жил ажилласан ажлын туршлагатай
• Бие даан зохион байгуулалттай, санаачлагатай ажиллах чадамжтай
• Ажилдаа хариуцлагтай, үнэнч шударга
• Цаашид тогтвор суурьшилтай ажилла


- Хөдөө орон нутагт ээлжээр ажиллах боломжтой,

Salary : Тохиролцоно

Type : Ээлжийн

Level : Мэргэжилтэн

Expired date : 2018-07-31