Rigid Dump Trucks

Hitachi Rigid Dump Trucks (RDT) are engineered for heavy-duty applications such as construction, quarrying and mining, with superior hauling capabilities and industry leading technology. The Hitachi RDTs are designed with fuel efficiency, longevity and ease of operation at the forefront of manufacturing, and boast a number of features that support these principles. The RDTs are equipped with advanced suspension systems, unique body design, and a reliable electrical system, in order to ensure a quality product of strength and control.

Hitachi Trolley drive truck

Hitachi Trolley drive truck

A trolley drive truck in the surface mining application is a diesel-electric drive truck that has an option installed that enables a secondary means to power the wheel motors. When activated, diesel generated power to the wheel motors is cancelled and overhead catenary power is connected and diverted to the wheel motors through the inverters.

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