Hitachi is the world’s market leader in large hydraulic excavators. Combining engineering excellence with a dedication to quality, we make tough machines with long life that meet the challenges of mining.

Hitachi is a world leader in the Large Excavators / Loading Shovels market. Our eight models offer you tough machines of varying size that are suited to your needs. When you’re using shovels, productivity means loading and dumping with as few cycles as possible. The large-sized buckets and speed of these easy-to-use machines gives you just that, making them some of the most efficient machines around.

A special feature of the Hitachi face shovel is the auto-leveling crowd mechanism. This system allows the operator to undertake leveling operations with one easy lever operation, and it also increases the level crowding force by utilizing level cylinders.

Cost efficiency is one very important factor when you are looking at equipment. Hitachi’s shovels provide one of the lowest cost-per-ton options for moving and/or loading materials in their class. Low maintenance cost and long life make for machines that lead to significant savings.

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