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Mining Journal Magazine DMP JSC

Mining journal magazine’s September article Darkhan Metallurgical Plant JSC is expressed how satisfied they are with their Hitachi Equipment. We have worked together with Darkhan Metallurgical Plant JSC since 2011.  “Hitachi’s powerful excavators are suitable for heavy iron ore, high productivity too” said the Company’s Deputy Chief Mining Director Bolor-Erdene. O

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     Darkhan Metallurgical Plant project started in 1990 and operations commenced in 1993. Operations include casting scrap metals and producing construction materials and for the last 10 years iron ore projects in Darkhan and Selenge region are being excavated. Currently, DMP holds licenses of Tumurtei, Tumurtolgoi, and khust-Uul deposits. Tumurtolgoi mine operations commenced in 2009 and in 2011 Tumurtei mine commenced. Furthermore, the company has set a goal to create a “Metallurgical Complex” and several mining and infrastructure projects are under implementation including - 33 km of rail spur and sub-stations, loading and unloading one-stop terminal, 50 km long 110 kW electricity transmission line, dry magnetic separation plant, wet magnetic separation plant and camp. Also, 104,5 km of road project which will connect 3 soums is under construction. Tumurtei mine’s iron is high in hardness and is located on top of a mountain. Thus, the company formed its mining fleet with world leading brands like Hitachi, Caterpillar and Sandvik. Hitachi excavators are ideal for iron ore mining and are efficient, durable and reliable and we are pleased to have it.

     For excavation of our iron ore we use total of 8 Hitachi equipment such as EX2600, EX1200, ZX870 series. These techniques are very well in terms of capacity, ideal for Iron ore, well bucket capacity, high productivity that surpass plan more than 100%.

     I have been working by my profession as an excavator operator total of 8 years, for the last 5 years in DMP mine. The above period I have operated a variety of excavators and currently I operate Hitachi EX2600. This technique has high speed and strength, comfortable condition, less service, encouraging, I’m proud to say currently Hitachi is the best technique I have ever operated.

     In addition I would like to emphasize that ZaMine Services LLC is giving special attention to equipment availability, providing continuous work condition by necessary spare parts available at the mine site and permanent placement of their mechanics.