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Fuel Advantage Program

Hitachi Fuel Advantage Program offers big benefits

There’s still time to enroll in the Hitachi Fuel Advantage Program. Hitachi is so confident in fuel efficiency and powerful ZXLinkTM monitoring, that you’ll get paid back if your Hitachi machines don’t meet target consumption rates. Hitachi’s fuel consumption rates are 10% more efficient than Cat®’s in direct comparison to equivalent models.1

  • Drive improvement with ZXLink.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. The Hitachi Fuel Advantage Program includes ZXLink, which gives you quarterly reports with details on machine performance – fuel consumption, engine load utilization, idle time and more, so you can keep track of your success and drive efficiency improvements.2

  • Get paid back if your GPH exceeds target consumption.

At the end of each year, if your actual average fuel consumption as measured by ZXLink exceeds the program target fuel consumption level, Hitachi will pay you back.