Decrease operating cost

Decrease operating costs by monitoring your undercarriage

No matter the location, conditions or type of project, Hitachi mining and construction excavators deliver efficiency, reliability and durability for customers day after day. But even these tough workhorses are subject to undercarriage and component wear.

While undercarriage wear is unavoidable with any machine, you can extend undercarriage life by monitoring your equipment. And Hitachi is making it easier than ever for customers to decrease operating costs and increase uptime by offering an undercarriage and swing bearing wear measurement workbook.

The new workbook, available for mining and construction excavators, provides a simple and easy-to-use form for customers to track wear measurements of undercarriages and swing bearings.

 “Wear measurements are very helpful for planning maintenance activities and preventing unscheduled downtime,” said Craig Steinhauser, division manager of customer support for Hitachi Construction & Mining Division – Americas. “Inspecting the undercarriage is also critical to ensure the tracks are adjusted properly. Improperly adjusted tracks cause accelerated wear and mistracking. The wear measurement workbook helps customers keep a close eye on their equipment and anticipate maintenance.”

Decrease operating cost

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Decrease operating cost

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